We have an outreach programme involving a puppet show, school talks, public talks and regular airtime on local radio to help gain ocean advocates from all generations.

Each year, we are invited to Scifest Africa, where we have one of the most popular stalls. We are honoured to have won First Place for the Best Exhibition.

Our focus is spreading awareness of the issues facing our oceans and how people can actively get involved.

In 2017, we launched a puppet show to embrace an even younger audience, who we appeal to with a focus on plastic pollution. There are many positive and easy actions that these youngsters can undertake to help reduce plastic pollution.

See our projects page for more information.


Our partner company, Tracking Sharks is dedicated to sharing information and education about sharks. Along with the stories, there is a map showing negative shark encounters across the world. This is a great tool to help people realise their fear of sharks is misplaced and we hope to then inspire them to instead appreciate and respect this important animal and it's vital role in the ecosystem.