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Show your support for sharks.

Download the Keep Fin Alive campaign poster and take your sharky selfie with it and your favourite shark toy if you have one.

Upload it to social media with the hashtag #ILoveFin and share it with us.

2018-08 - KFA - The Last Straw FINAL (We

Are you a customer facing business keen to get rid of nasty plastic straws?

Contact us to receive a free PDF copy of The Last Straw poster.

Mossel Bay local businesses can get in touch for some free printed posters.

#StrawsSuck #StopSucking #KeepFinAlive

This infographic was created as a joint project with Oceans Research via funding from Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve and Mossel Bay Municipality.

We created it to highlight the problems associated with  plastic pollution for our marine life.

- Plastic is regularly found in the stomach of fish and other marine species - including whales.

- Up to 40% of plastic dumped inland ends up in the ocean via waterways.

- Around 8 millions tonnes of plastic is dumped in the ocean every year.

There are easy ways to reduce your plastic pollution impact as listed on the infographic.

This leaflet was created as a handout for school children and community members attending our shark conservation presentations.

There are easy ways you can help to #SaveSharks.

Always check your fish sources as shark is often disguised under another name.

Most shark meat contains high levels of mercury, arsenic and other poisonous metals, which are harmful to humans. They can cause restricted brain development and other health problems.